Introducing NURTuRE

NURTuRE is a unique resource for the kidney disease research community, accelerating the discovery of new treatments and diagnostic approaches through secure provision of a rich resource of samples and data. We aim to change the lives of kidney disease patients.

A resource to drive progress in kidney diseases

Founded to address the challenges faced by clinicians, researchers, and patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and idiopathic nephrotic syndrome (INS), NURTuRE supports research designed to enable earlier diagnosis, and new approaches to prevention and treatment.

NURTuRE contains information and samples generously donated by kidney patients, securely supporting approved scientific studies. From early 2024, researchers will be able to apply to access NURTuRE samples and medical information to answer important research questions that will help patients impacted by kidney disease.

Why do we need NURTuRE?

Chronic diseases often have complicated causes related to interactions between our genes and our environment. Currently, we understand very little about what can lead to these diseases  progressing, and why different patients have different experiences.

Disease progression can result in kidney failure, at which point kidney replacement therapy is necessary: either dialysis or a transplant. While these are life-saving treatments, they have significant burdens and can impact quality of life. They are also very expensive; kidney disease costing the NHS £34,000 per patient per year, representing 3.2% of its annual budget.

Through safe sharing of information from many patients, alongside biological samples, with approved researchers, NURTuRE can drive the innovations that are needed to revolutionise kidney care. NURTuRE is one of the most comprehensive kidney disease resources in existence with rich datasets and samples designed to enable ground-breaking research. The resource will continue to grow with the addition of more kidney disease cohorts over the coming years.

Female medical professional talking to a male patient both sat at a table
NURTuRE directly addresses Aim 1 of the UK Renal Research strategy of 2016: to increase engagement of professionals, patients, and the public with kidney research

Collaboration and teamwork

With leadership from Kidney Research UK, working with the UK Kidney Association and in particular the Clinical Study Groups of the UK Kidney Research Consortium and the UK Renal Registry, the NURTuRE programme was developed as an innovative partnership between academic investigators, industry collaborators, patients and the charity.