All about NURTuRE

Our approach to driving progress in kidney disease care

Kidney diseases likely arise due to interactions between our genes, lifestyle, and environment. NURTuRE has been designed to help researchers study this, supporting new approaches to identification, prevention, and treatment. NURTuRE securely stores biological samples (such as plasma) alongside medical and clinical information providing a powerful resource to help researchers understand kidney disease in more detail.

This important resource holds patients at its heart. NURTuRE relies on the generosity of the kidney patient community in providing their time, information, and biological samples to further research into kidney diseases. We couldn’t do it without them.

NURTuRE currently supports research into chronic kidney disease (CKD) and idiopathic nephrotic syndrome (INS), with further types of kidney disease in planning stages. You can find more information on CKD and INS here.

Carefully finding answers with NURTuRE

There are many clues as to what might be causing a particular disease. Substances in the blood or urine can increase or decrease, the tissues of the kidney can look different under the microscope, or there may be changes in blood pressure or other routine measurements. NURTuRE carefully collected all of this information and securely stored it, supporting future studies looking at a range of key research areas in kidney disease including:

  • Identifying pathways of injury and repair

  • Investigating new targets for treatments

  • Looking at what might lead to different responses to treatments

  • Studying new ways of measuring and monitoring the body’s progression through different stages of kidney disease, and response to treatment (known as ‘biomarkers’)

  • Promoting collaboration between research groups to benefit patients

Safe and accountable use of samples and data

NURTuRE is committed to ensuring the privacy of all patients who have contributed information and samples, while maximising the learnings from these donations. All research is carried out in accordance with the ethical and legal guidelines put in place at the start of the programme.

From early 2024, researchers will be able to apply for access to the remaining samples and data within NURTuRE. Working with patients and other experts, we are developing strict security and access protocols to ensure that all data is used safely and appropriately.

Detailed proposals will be required from anyone who wishes to use the samples, clearly explaining how and why they wish to use NURTuRE. Only following approval of the project, and accreditation of the research team, will controlled access be given to the minimum amount of information and samples required to answer the research question.

Man blurred in the background wearing a white lab coat and blue latex gloves holding a data chart

Secure data

Information is carefully collected and safely stored.


All information that could identify an individual is removed ('de-identification') and an individual code is assigned.


Approved researchers will only be given access to the information and samples needed to answer their research question.

Our processes are being developed by technical and scientific experts working alongside patient advisors

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Further information on NURTuRE and our processes can be found in our question and answer section.