What information is in NURTuRE?

NURTuRE contains long-term healthcare information, alongside biological samples from individuals living with CKD and INS who volunteered to share their samples to support research.

Researchers are now able to apply for access to NURTuRE samples and data. Initially this includes 150 different kinds of medical information, this will increase over the next year providing an important resource for approved researchers.

Different types of information is contained within NURTuRE. Through careful investigation we hope to answer some of the most important questions in kidney science.

Kidney images (for some individuals)

Baseline and follow-up healthcare and quality of life data.

Genetic information from INS and CKD

Information about the biological

A multi-step approach to supporting the right research in the right way

NURTuRE ensure that our samples and data are stored to the highest standards of security and used in a way that safely supports research designed to benefit the kidney disease community.

Biological sample storage

All biological samples (such as blood and urine) are stored at the UK Biocentre in Milton Keynes. This centre is equipped with cutting-edge facilities to store samples correctly and securely.

Data storage and access

Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) and SAIL databank hold the healthcare information linked to the NURTuRE biobank and provides a safe space for researchers to study patient data. SAIL used a secure cloud-based technology known as a trusted research environment (TRE) which is designed to allow approved researchers to access pseudonymised patient information in a carefully-controlled way. This protects patient privacy and researcher findings. SAIL ensure that approved researchers are only granted access to the data needed to answer their research question, and only allow results of analyses to be removed not the original patient information.

Applying to NURTuRE for data and samples

Our application process requires researchers to demonstrate their commitment to benefiting kidney patients and their ability to safeguard data and samples. The NURTuRE strategy group carefully considers each application in the same way.

All researchers will need to be accredited by the ONS to meet their 5-safe standards and appropriately trained to access the secured space for data analysis.

A resource for now and the future

NURTuRE is a growing resource, with new patient groups planned for future and additional information being added on a planned schedule. This approach will make NURTuRE an important resource for the future.

Find out more about what is in NURTuRE and our processes in the Q&A section.