A key resource for research

NURTuRE is the first national UK chronic kidney disease (CKD) and idiopathic nephrotic syndrome (INS) cohort study with a linked biobank. Developed as a collaboration between Kidney Research UK, academic and clinical nephrology teams, and industrial partners, NURTuRE will facilitate much-needed progress in kidney disease, with a particular focus on precision medicine. NURTuRE will support vital new breakthroughs in kidney medicine.

Meeting the growing challenge of kidney disease

The need for innovation in renal medicine has never been greater. A recent report from Kidney Research UK has estimated that there are 7.2 million people in the UK currently living with CKD, more than 10% of the entire population. Whilst 3.25 million of those are at the most severe stages, a further 3.9 million people are thought to be living with the early stages of kidney disease.  By 2033 it is predicted that the total number of people with CKD will increase to 7.61 million. NURTuRE offers a vital resource to support the research needed to tackle this problem.

Driving innovation with NURTuRE

NURTuRE is a platform approach that aims to address the knowledge gaps not met by other large cohorts. It is a highly characterised biobank with current biological samples and linked healthcare data from 3,000 CKD patients and 740 INS patients forming a resource for the research that will allow personalised, precision medicine in this field.

Current cohorts include patients with CKD or INS, with a new acute kidney injury (AKI) cohort in development and several additional collections in early planning.

Microanalyser machine

Unique attributes enable cutting-edge research

With 266,000 aliquots of biological specimens including 30 plasma, serum, and urine biomarkers at baseline, at least five biomarkers repeated at follow-up, plus genomics and proteomics research alongside linked healthcare, quality of life, and biopsy data, NURTuRE will facilitate previously difficult-to-achieve renal research. All samples are held at a world-class facility in Milton Keynes ensuring that the integrity of the biobank is maintained for the lifetime of NURTuRE. The data will be held and provisioned through the British Heart Foundation Data Centre, expertly balancing data security with utility.

Full details of available data and biosamples will be available shortly, with applications for access open from early 2024.