Supporting research

By bringing together consented, longitudinal healthcare data and biological samples, NURTuRE offers researchers a unique insight into the natural history of kidney disease. Our aim is to support studies designed to offer more precise and effective ways of managing renal conditions, with the ultimate goal of preventing kidney failure.

Working with NURTuRE

Data storage

NURTuRE works in partnership with world-class organisations. Approved researchers access data via the secure anonymised information linkage (SAIL) databank. SAIL is based at Swansea University and follows strict ethical and legal frameworks to ensure data privacy and security. The portal also hosts training resources to ensure researchers can gain appropriate accreditation to access the databank. SAIL is a trusted research environment (TRE) that employ safeguards following the principles of the 5 safes to protect the data it holds.

Biosample storage

The samples held by NURTuRE are stored at the UK Biocentre in Milton Keynes. This is a state of the art institution that uses automated freezers alongside more traditional cryogenics to store samples on behalf of several national biobanks.

Application process

Our application process has been designed to be transparent and straightforward, while ensuring the responsible and ethical use of the data and the samples for the benefit of kidney patients.

All applications will be reviewed by the NURTuRE Strategy Group to ensure they demonstrate:

  • the impact of your research project
  • the scientific validity of your research project
  • that appropriate governance arrangements in place
  • its fit with NURTuRE aims and patient consent
  • that collaborative opportunities have been explored

NURTuRE application process

Complete form

Fill out the application form, providing details about:

  • Chief investigator
  • Biomaterials and data needed
  • Research and funding information
  • Sample storage plans
  • Ethics approvals
  • Collaborators
  • Signatures

Form reviewed

The NURTuRE Strategy Group will review applications for:

  • Research impact and scientific validity
  • Appropriate governance arrangements
  • Alignment with NURTuRE goals and patient consent
  • Explored collaborative opportunities


A decision will be made by the end of the calendar month following submission

Applications for data

  • Patient data is pseudonymised in Sail Databank's TRE
  • Researchers must follow data minimisation practices
  • ONS Safe Researcher Accreditation required
  • Initial access for 2 years
  • Click the button below for prices.



  • Managed by SAIL Databank after authorisation.
  • Access granted after appropriate training




Applications for samples

  • Obtain project-specific ethical approval
  • No Human Tissue Authority license needed with Tissue Transfer Agreement
  • Cost quote provided upon approval
  • Samples released pseudonymised
  • Click the appropriate button below for prices and sample types
  • Courier costs borne by the researcher



  • Stored in the UK Biocentre
  • NURTuRE team manages access
  • Service standard depends on sample specifics

Approved applications

  • Receive Materials and Data Transfer Agreement (MTA) specifying data and sample details
  • SAIL application forms and introductions processes must be completed
  • SAIL will ensure projects are specified appropriately and provide associated costs
  • Project must be authorised by SAIL’s Information Governance Review Panel (IGRP)
  • Safe researcher accreditation required
  • Payments required before data access or sample dispatch

Deferred applications

  • Letter confirms sample reservation for up to 12 months while securing financing

Rejected applications

  • Feedback provided to assist with reapplication, if appropriate

Access to data

  • Access to data is administered by SAIL databank
  • Provisioned data provided withih the SAIL TRE
  • Users must complete appropriate training before accessing the SAIL TRE
  • Industry standard 12-week lead time

Access to biosamples:

  • Samples are stored at the UK Biocentre in Milton Keynes
  • Access is administered by the NURTuRE team.
  • Lead time depends on samples being requested

Data safety with the 5 safes

We adhere to the 5 safes principles:

  1. Safe people: only qualified personnel with proper credentials will access NURTuRE
  2. Safe projects: rigorous approval ensures that research aligns with NURTuRE's goals and prioritises patients' interests
  3. Safe settings: stringent security measures safeguard data, allowing access only to authorised personnel
  4. Safe data: de-identified data protects participant identities, and only relevant information is retained
  5. Safe outputs: all research outputs undergo screening to respect the pseudonymised nature of the data

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