Applying to NURTuRE for access to data and samples

You can find information on this process in the information for researchers section of this website.

Please read these notes carefully before submitting an application form:

  • This application is intended for the use of data and/or processing of human biomaterials by the named chief investigator (CI) and personnel who fall under his/her supervision only. Any transfer of samples to personnel or laboratories not under the supervision of the CI named on this application requires an explanation of the need to transfer the samples and will require a separate signed agreement with Nurture.
  • Applications will first be reviewed by the NURTuRE Strategy Group to ensure they demonstrate:
    • Impact of the research project
    • Scientific validity of the research project
    • Appropriate governance arrangements are in place
    • NURTuRE aims and patient consent are met
    • Collaborative opportunities have been explored.


  • Patient data is held in a pseudonymised form in our Trusted Research Environment (TRE) by Sail Databank. Upon approval by the NURTuRE Strategy Group, access will be provided to this data on the SAIL database.
  • SAIL will require researchers to follow the practice of data minimisation and will grant access only to the data requested in this application and confirmed by the Materials and Data Transfer Agreement (MTA) signed following successful approval of this application.
  • Before providing access to the TRE, SAIL will require all researchers to have completed ONS Safe Researcher Accreditation.
  • Access to data will be provided for an initial period of two years.
  • The data available is refreshed periodically. A list of the current data available, together with dates of anticipated updates may be found on the NURTuRE website.
  • Costs associated with data may also be found on the NURTuRE website.


  • NURTuRE requires separate project-specific ethical approval for chief investigators who wish to use the NURTuRE samples in their research. In addition to ethical approval, researchers must be able to satisfy the NURTuRE Strategy Group that their project demonstrates impact, is scientifically valid, has appropriate research governance arrangements in place, that they will comply with the Human Tissue Act and other appropriate laws/legislation that cover the use of human biomaterials in research or that the NURTuRE Strategy Group deems to be relevant. The proposed research must be covered by the scope of the donor consent.
  • A Human Tissue Authority licence is NOT needed to store samples obtained from NURTuRE for an approved project that is subject to a signed Tissue Transfer Agreement. Project-specific approval from an NHS REC must be obtained to perform research on the samples.
  • Samples, and associated data, will always be released in a pseudonymised form so that donor identity remains confidential.
  • Cost recovery and/or processing fees per sample/dataset will vary according to the type of sample requested and what clinical data is required. A quote will be supplied, which will be valid for 120 days.
  • If the transfer of samples from NURTuRE to the researcher requires a courier service, these costs will be met by the researcher.
  • Any additional costs of the application will be met by the researcher.

Unless subject to a non-disclosure agreement, Kidney Research UK will publish study titles, names of chief investigators and the institutions where the work is taking place.

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