The indicative pricing structure is shown below, this is subject to change.

For any specific requests for general enquiries please contact the NURTuRE team.

Data level Academic 1 Academic 2 Academic 3 Industry academic collaboration 1 Industry academic collaboration 2 Industry academic collaboration 3 Industry 1 Industry 2 Industry 3
CKD cohort (per dataset)£10,000£15,000£25,000£42,500£63,750£106,250£75,000£112,500£187,500
INS cohort (per dataset)£10,000£15,000£25,000£42,000£63,750£106,250£75,000£112,500£187,500
Samples (per sample)£25£25£25£140£140£140£250£250£250
  1. Clinical data: clinical data including annual refresh including HES and ONS update.
  2. Clinical and biomarker data: as 1 above
  3. Clinical, biomarker and genomic data: as 1 and 2 above, plus whole exome sequencing data

*biopsy data available late 2024, pricing to be announced

Costs are additive

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