Changing the future of kidney patient care

There has been a historic lack of investment in advancing our understanding of kidney diseases to support earlier diagnosis and new approaches to prevention and treatment. NURTuRE has been established to change this.

NURTuRE will help to transform the development of personalised medicine with the potential to revolutionise kidney patient care while aiming to reduce NHS costs through much more effective identification and targeting of patients most at risk from the disease.

Within NURTuRE, academic and industry partners share their research findings, accelerating knowledge, understanding, and patient benefit.

Female researcher with her back to the camera, standing at a lab bench

NURTuRE partners: a collaborative effort

NURTuRE is a collaboration between Kidney Research UK, the UK Renal Registry, the UK Kidney Association, the UK Kidney Research Consortium, patients, academic institutions, healthcare professionals, and industry partners, with the Joint Steering Committee acting as the coordinating group.

Kidney Research UK has brought together partners from the NHS, universities, and commercial organisations, alongside patients with kidney disease, to develop NURTuRE. Funding for the development of NURTuRE comes from Evotec, UCB, AstraZeneca, AbbVie, Travere Therapeutics, and Kidney Research UK. The UK Government’s Life Sciences Industrial Strategy and Sector Deal emphasise the importance of industry in driving research and development in the UK.

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