Driving progress for kidney patients

The need for innovation in diagnosis, prevention, and better management of kidney disease has never been greater. Through the securely stored information and biological samples held in NURTuRE we can support carefully selected studies designed to improve the future of kidney disease care.

The UK Renal Research Strategy recognised the need for a kidney biobank. Kidney Research UK has led the collaboration with industry and academia to launch NURTuRE, the first kidney biobank covering England, Scotland, and Wales.

A unique resource

NURTuRE provides a unique resource to support important new research designed to benefit those living with kidney disease.

The first two patient groups focusing on chronic kidney disease (CKD) and idiopathic nephrotic syndrome (INS).

We will be working to develop a new group in acute kidney injury (AKI) from early 2024.

Female researcher side on in a laboratory holding a pipette
Through secure and controlled use of NURTuRE samples and information, new approaches to identifying, preventing and managing kidney diseases will be found